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Inwiniti by Design

Cellular Engineering of Panels

Inwiniti is the world’s first cellular wine storage and display system that uses two panels (cells) engineered to create infinite designs and installations. Inwiniti lets the wine keeper and owner display wine bottles through front or 360 degree view option because it is connected from the sides and open from front and back. Thus, an island wine library is as easy as installed into a wall.

Built in Lighting Cubes

Once the installation is out of way, Inwiniti focuses on built in lighting, another exclusive to create dramatic effect and vision of wine bottles either vertically or horizontally. This creates a self illuminated wall with a dramatic effect wherever it is installed, Inwiniti places the venue as a memorable experience.

Cellar Design

Inwiniti Exclusive Features

Vlock Plates

Vlock Plates are at the heart of Inwiniti’s infinity. They are engineered to create and envision.

The plates are born out of engineering intelligence allowing infinite options of design, display and storage that becomes Inwiniti.

It is the first time industrial engineering meets design art.

Vlock System

Vlock System, patent applied in USA and India, becomes the foundation of great architecture to happen. It’s fitting is precise by machine cuttting on CNC based on a patent plan of the Vlock plates.

When they get together, what happens is everything that Inwiniti offers in its racks, storage and displays. It works great, whether wall mounted or table top.

Cross Light Grooves


Inwiniti’s exclusive cube size and grooves allows the creation of dramatic effect at the heart of wine storage, unlike anything else.

Inwiniti can create self-contained lighting effects in various sections using its cubes, while each plate with light grooves offers a 360 degree effect into the bottles. It lights up like a jewel.

The diamond design cubes create dynamic visuals along with its lighting.

Vertical | Horizontal


Since Inwiniti breaks down to its plates, it incorporates flexibility to extreme. Thereby its ability to expand into landscape or move up into vertical heights.

That is not all, with design it can create shapes and curves.

Its design also allows creating arches of display within, and with vertical display plate fitting, Inwiniti can showcase labels and bottles upright.

Dramatic Installations

How many wine racks can speak of Architectural Installations, like Inwiniti? Sure the reverse happens. There is no modular racking system that can convert into piece of art.

Lighting has a core essence in the character of Inwiniti. This exclusively allows strategically placed ambient lights pass through Vlock grooves into wine bottles, vertical and upright, in a circle all around.

Multi Utility

Inwiniti due to its design allows the cellar to become a wall of display including art, wine bottles, books, barware, awards, memorabilia, champagnes, bonzai plants, foods, brand promotions and anything you want your wall to tell about your idea.

The vertical display plates, built in lighting, and flexibility to create in-designs, arches work together in creating exclusive displays and wine keeping solution that can only be an Inwiniti.

Wine Display Flexibility

Inwiniti wine keeping works both as wine storage and display. The design flexibility lets you dictate options of vertical bottles, horizontal storage or slanted side display all in one.

The exclusive design dimensions also allow storage of three bottles in each cube, in each manner, adding to the cellar capacity of wine bottles. Ofcourse the addition of dramatic lighting helps.

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