Made out of pure Teak hardwood at source available in abundance in India, the production is in modern factory setup with machining tools with CAD. This allows precision control and each panel made is cut the same to fit seamlessly in a POD or cellar.

Inwiniti is available in PODs that are compact units set on tabletop or fitted to a wall, for private use or show pieces creating wall accents in various spaces. These are readymade. The second is Teichos, the wine wall for cellars. Inwiniti Teichos are custom built to an architectural design following curves, circles where the plates are sent to site for final installation, to the design. Teichos is tailored to taste.

Due to Inwiniti being an architectural system of plates, its shipping is low cost. It has the most efficient manner of packaging and shipment causing lowest freight fee. This is valuable to large projects anywhere in the world.

The product life is estimated to go into decades and through generations. Inwiniti never gets old, it just gets more seasoned with time and ages just like wine, due to its making in teak wood. It’s a lifetime ownership.

Cellular Wine Architecture

Inwiniti is Cellular Wine Storage System creating wine pods and cellars by design. It is made of pre-engineered plates (cells) that become the heart of a POD or Cellar design. These plates fit together using patent applied V-lock mechanism, creating palette for individual expression of design tailored to taste.

Various architectural expressions are designed into the plate when fit together such as,

  • Cross light grooves
  • Diamond cubes and arches, and
  • 360 degree view.

“Inwiniti is designed to create a character for wine storage beyond the rack, it is a connoissuer to wine, as a wine keeper.”