Terms and Conditions of Order

Dear Inwiniti Patron,

Thank you for being here and giving us your trust in procurement of Inwiniti, a New way to look at and enjoy wine in your life. We look forward to a long life ownership of your Inwiniti POD or Wall.


This is a commercial transaction between the buyer and seller.

Addressing the Buyer

  • Residential: Someone that is ordering for a non commercial purpose by use and will not provide a sales tax code. A buyer even if it is a company, that will not provide sales tax code will be treated as a home supply. The billing will be logged as private buyer.
  • Commercial: Buyer that orders with their own company’s GST number and will use it for commercial purpose will be addressed as commercial buyer. The billing will be understood and logged as a company.

Logistics Definition

  • Origin: The current fabrication contract for Inwiniti is from India, which is one of the world’s leading producers of finest teak wood.
  • Source: Will be the point of shipment of the exact unit from where invoicing is billed by seller to the buyer.
  • Destination: Is the point of delivery or purchasing address.

Shipping Specifications

  • Orders are shipping within 6 to 12 days of confirmation, based on stain/color availability.
  • International orders are shipped from origin via FedEx, BlueDart or UPS.
  • Standard color is natural Teak. Buyer can specify medium dark stain for dark wood color.
  • Expected date of reaching your location is about 18 to 20 days from order.

Warranty, Cancellation and Refund

All products of Inwiniti carry a warranty honored by the seller as per policy of timelines for various regions.

Warranty Region: Inwiniti carries the warranty in the region sold only by the selling and appointed distributor.  The buyer requires to make available the material at Source or as informed by seller. On site service is not available. The seller may offer buyer a collect and drop service for a fee. A replacement part shall be issued immediately.

The order may be cancelled prior to shipment by the seller. The money will be refunded only within 7 days from pay-channel. Cancellation is not available once the funds are remitted to seller’s bank. The order may be cancelled at buyer’s behest if the goods are not available to ship in the prescribed period. The seller will contact the buyer in this case and advise option of cancellation or a back order. The cancellation will not hold good once customer has accepted a back order.

In case the product was damaged on way, it will be replaced by seller in new condition through change of damaged part. In case this is not possible, seller will either dispatch a new panel/part or allow cancellation with refund in complete.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Where the customer desires to return an unopened machine package, within 30 days of order, a refund may be applied for after a deduction of cost of shipment to and fro, and a NA restocking fee of order value. The refund will be processed and issued within 30 days and no later than 45 days. The material should not have been used or installed. It should be packaged back in same package as it arrived with care. If the product is received damaged the charge of damage shall be deducted from total refund. Collection will be done by Inwiniti. Do not send package personally. Where sent personally the cost of damage if any lies with the buyer.

Correct Use and Maintenance

Do not exceed the load weight of the product and install it as per guidelines.

Governance of this Order

The transaction on this site shall be governed under the statues and laws of Delhi State Jurisdiction, Republic of India.

Manufacturer Information

Benneta Bar Gears Pvt Limited
1208-1209 DLF Tower B, Jasola Disrict Centre
New Delhi 110025, India
CIN: U55201DL2008PTC180998

Director: Vickram Mederata
Official Email: office@mbh.org