Our story

There are times when a product is an improvement to an existing. Then there is Inwiniti, that was created out of a clean drawing board with imagination of how the perfect modular wine cellar ought be. The final Inwiniti came about many months of revisions, until production and revision of tensile strength, material, and installation that fits perfectly, that is dependable and exciting.

Inwiniti was given a first commercial approval after one year of its development in-house and trips into the manufacturing facility. It’s first prototype was ready in early 2017.

Advantage of Novelty

Since Inwiniti was made ground up, many elements could be engineered such as vertical plate (for vertical display), and lighting grooves that add to the beauty of creating attractive showcase.

The Final Drawings

Why Inwiniti Wine Cellars?

Unique patent design, made on state of art CNC press makes the perfect cut matching design standards. Pre engineered to fit together whether two, six or hundreds of modules, vertically and horitontally. Made in exclusive hardwood not on plyboards, then polished and finished to warm dark brown color standard, or specific colors in custom projects.

Why create structures that are hand made and will never match the perfect machine cut patent design? Woodwork that can never be used again. Inwiniti’s modular panels in hardwood become a Quality asset that comes of lifelong use. You may anytime, without major tools, remove, collapse, and reinstall in a new configuration. This wine system is forever.

Most wine displays are racks and modular ones store like honeycomb that close the entire bottle surface. They also need to be fitted inside a cave. Not Vlock. Vlock System turns into an Architectural element that will be positioned on the wall just by hanging through the two end plates. Rest of it hangs solid in between. Its design allows island installation in exclusive as pass through wall. It may be hung from the ceiling. The beauty is its cross light design that creates a wow ambience wherever it is positioned. There is nothing like it.

While most wine racks, especially modular allow horizontal storage, Inwiniti is an exclusive design that lets you create display where bottles can be displayed vertically and horizontally in one system. Consider displaying special bottles vertically, and store volumes horizontally.

It is one of a kind that allows you flexibility like nothing else. Horizontal, Vertical, Collapsable, Suspended, Wall Rack, Built in, Floor Mount, Island, Re-configurable on site to a new design, Reusable any amount of time, and zero hardware to assemble.

A Benneta Bar Gears Venture

Inwiniti is a Benneta Bar Gears Pvt Ltd venture. The organization was inc in 2008 and since has clientete in luxury hotel, juicebars, coffee chains, and private residences nationwide. Visit Website.

The original project initiated in 1997 with Benneta offering international solutions for bar and wine area, such as Glastender, Inc. (USA), Bermar Intl (UK), Expo SRL (Italy), Blendtec (USA). The solutions are modular by design. Inwiniti is Benneta’s own product out of dearth of experience in various installations, product, and design, made in India for India and the world.

Meet the designer

Vickram Mederata