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Wine Display Cellars and PODs

Inwiniti Cellular Multi-function Wine Display Cellar System, is made of two panels (engineered cells) through intelligent design. Its patent applied mechanism lets you turn any wall, space, and room into an Architectural focal center.

Store wine bottles both horizontal and vertical, as a showcase display, a candle stand, memorabilia all in one.

Patent design unlike any other

Inwiniti Wine Cellars and PODs offers the world’s highest flexibility in wine display system made through cellular design of pre-engineered panels (cells). This allows the designer to create custom wine cellars with verticle and horizontal display of wine bottles.

Order your Wine POD to place in different spaces of your venue, or call us to create custom wine cellar with wine display and built in cross-groove lighting options.

Wine Display Cellar and PODs

Product highlights

  • Cellular. Two panels engineered to create scalable wine display shelves, today and tomorrow. The perfect cellular wine cellar.
  • 360 Degrees. Wine display visibility from four sides – front, back and sides.
  • Infinite Flexibility. Two cells (engineered panels) create a table top module or cover an entire wall.
  • Lighting Grooves. Allows architectural feature creating dramatic visions and shades. Gives visual focus to champagne and wine displays vertically;
  • Durable Strength. Made in seasoned teak wood with thick columns and modular support from adjacent units. Optionally screwed in sections for large installations.
  • Novel Design. Unlike anything ever made before, Inwiniti goes cellular engineered panels over and beyond commonly modular.

Teichos Wine Wall Elegant Inwiniti Cellars

Horizontal, Vertical and Slanting

Wine display maximized

Inwiniti Teichos offers featured wine cellars using cellular engineering that lets you store bottles in a myriad of options. Create a wine display that presents prized collector's bottles vertically, while other bottles are stored for ageing horizontally.

Built in light cubes

Creating dramatic effect

Inwiniti creates cubes with plates that can hold spot or ambient lights. The adjacent cell grooves let the light fall on to vertical bottles, as well as create light shapes. The overall installation stands out as an art.

Cellular System, Modular Installation

Create any configuration anytime

Inwiniti Cellular Wine Cellars comes in knocked down condition made for your design. You keep the flexibility to remove it by each cell and remake a new design again without needing to buy new system. Many on-site changes are possible anytime in future. The wine cellar offers the world's highest degree in flexibility, permanently.

Innovation in Wine Storage

Surpassing every wine cellar design.

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